Biosolnatura srl was founded in 2001 as a fruit and vegetable handmade preserve workshop.
In 2013, its simple and traditional identity prompted the curiosity of three young Sicilians: Saro, Giusi and Giuseppe, who were in love with the fruits of their island and decided to take over the workshop to start a new entrepreneurial adventure.

Passion and love for Sicily were the triggers to live and work with their land.

The main objective?

Trying to reproduce the flavours and scents of their own land in the production of handmade jams and preserves.

 “Sicily in a jar!” 

The company is located in Carlentini (SR), close to bigger cities as Catania and Siracusa. Carlentini, together with Lentini and Francofonte form the so-called “sicilian citrus triangle”, whose symbol is the local blood orange (IGP) and other fruit varieties such as the 'femminello' lemon ( IGP), and the local clementine and tangerine.